The Serious Consequences Of A Crime Conviction


At Donich Law, the lawyers are proud of their experience and track record in successfully resolved cases. Regardless of the crime, a conviction has a potential to destroy your life, your employment, education and family. In order to avoid the serious consequences of a conviction, your best option is to seek the right criminal defence lawyer who can change the outcome of your case in your favor.

There are serious consequences to a DUI conviction from license suspension to hefty fines or even jail time. Whether the DUI conviction is processed as felony or misdemeanor, it will leave you with a record that can result to loss of employment and higher car insurance premiums. A DUI lawyer can bolster the defence by filing a pre-trial motion to suppress evidence or to review calibration and maintenance records of the breathalyser for any errors. The lawyer will also review the police report whether mistakes were made during the procedure.

Assault and battery are very serious cases because they are classified as violent crime. If convicted, the penalty could be jailtime and hefty fines. Penalties are even harsher for domestic violence. If you are charged with assault or domestic violence, get in touch with a criminal lawyer immediately to have legal representation in court.

Misdemeanor is a non-violent, minor criminal offense like shoplifting and disorderly conduct. Even if they are not serious offenses, they should not be taken for granted because simple misdemeanor has jailtime of 90 days and $1,000 fine. A dangerous consequence of misdemeanor is felony if you commit the same crime tomorrow.

Being charged with felony can be very embarrassing and frustrating because of the public trial process. The court proceedings can drag for months which can hurt your employment or education. At the end of it all, there is a frightening possibility of being imprisoned or paying exorbitant fines.

Clients choose Donich Law because the experience of the lawyers and their dedication to their work. Resources are deployed as soon as possible so that you won’t suffer the lengthy time and costs associated to a trial. The lawyer will negotiate on your behalf for a tailored legal solution.


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