The Negative Effects Of Dental Phobia


Going to the dentist is one of the least favorite things to do for many people. If you belong to the group of people that becomes highly anxious when they visit the dentist, you might be a candidate for sedation dentistry in West Chester where you will be provided with some type of sedation before dental treatment.

Based on research, people suffering from dental phobia usually have poorer oral health with more cavities in their teeth. They have poor oral hygiene and tooth brushing habits and frequently miss dental appointments.

Poor oral health has a negative effect on an individual’s life. They feel self conscious when speaking, smiling or eating. When an individual has teeth problems they hardly open their mouth in social situations. Broken and missing teeth make eating and chewing difficult.

However, fear of dentists stop people from having dental treatments. It is only when the toothache becomes unbearable that they go to the dentist’s office. It is very likely that they require more complex treatments like root canal, crowns or tooth extraction because they have indefinitely prolonged the visit to the dentist.

Any kind of dental treatment for a individual with dental phobia can induce anxiety. When a patient needs to be sedated, the dentist usually recommends conscious sedation through laughing gas or sedative drugs like midazolam. Patients remain conscious but they are calmer and more relaxed during the dental procedure. When the patient needs general anesthesia, he is usually referred to a hospital.

An option that some practices use is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) so that the patient can overcome dental phobia. CBT helps the patient overcome the fear and anxiety of visiting the dentist and allows them to receive dental treatment without the need for sedation. However, dental phobia can be difficult to manage and it negatively affects dental health and everyday life.

Some say that dental phobia runs in the family. Sometimes, it is the result of a previous traumatizing experience. In order to undergo dental treatment, sedation dentistry in West Chester offers patients sedation medication to keep them relaxed and comfortable. If you are interested, please call and make an appointment.

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