The Importance Of Using The Proper Tiles For The Bathroom


It is important for homeowners to choose their bathroom tiles carefully to prevent slip and fall accidents. Many people have the habit of using tiles that remain from flooring their homes in their bathrooms. This is definitely wrong because the tiles in the bathroom are different from those installed in the living room and bedrooms.

Isaac Kisuto, a 22-year old resident of Najjera entered a dry bathroom, opened the tap and moved towards the bathtub. He slipped and fell. Even if his injuries were not serious, he prevented the family from using the bathroom until he has found out the reason for his accident. Kisuto invited a plumber who did the inspection. It was found out that the tiles used in the bathroom were not the right ones.

Even without soap, the tiles were toosmooth. With water, the tiles could be slippery. Ronald SSewamala, a plumber, decided to remove the tiles and replace them with proper tiles for the bathroom. If homeowners will pay attention to the tiles they use in the bathroom, no one will be injured.

In children’s bathrooms, the rougher type of tiles must be used because of their tendency to be playful. When kids are unattended inside the bathrooms, they could fall off the toilet seats. Parents must consider the scooter toilet type for their children.

Mats on the bathroom floors and bathtub can reduce falls. To avoid bathroom accidents, people must concentrate on showering and avoid dancing or playing around. Bathrooms must always be dry and free from soapy stuff. A mixture of water and soap will make the tiles very slippery.

Wet floors also encourage mould to grow in the bathroom. Make sure that the bathroom is always dry and clean. Adding grab bars in the bathing area is suggested so that people will have something to hold on to.

While white tiles are generally the most popular for bathrooms, do not be afraid to try something different. There are unique colours and patterns of bathroom tiles that can add an element of interest and visual appeal. Since the bathroom is the perfect place to show your personality, take the risk of using different colours and patterns on the tiles.

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