The Importance Of Tighter Security Protection For ATM’s


ATM’s have always been vulnerable to attacks. Thieves use sophisticated technology to commit crimes. For safety and security reasons, it is important to work with trustworthy ATM installation services that use bar codes and RFI for comprehensive warehousing and inventory management procedures. The high tech warehouse has a staging area to perform configurations and assembly requirements for the ATM machine.

Security of ATM’s needs to be top priority in places where they are installed because criminals are coming up with new ways to circumvent the advanced protections installed on the machines. Financial institutions face a greater number of threats as methods are designed to attack the unknown vulnerabilities of the ATM.

One example of these attacks is the use of malware to trick the ATM into dispensing cash. This type of logical attack that has grown significantly these past months requires physical connection to the ATM itself so that the criminal can inject the necessary code.

Another popular way to compromise ATM’s is the black box attack. The ATM is connected to a physical device so that malware can be installed. In the first half of 2017, 114 black box attacks were reported in the European Union. Criminals were able to gain access to the dispenser cable inside the machine and connect it to an external USB device.

Guarding against threats requires an increase in physical security of ATM’s so that criminals will not be able to access the machine. There are also other kinds of attacks that involve cutting tools to breach the ATM or ram raid attacks to physically remove the entire machine. ATM’s can be defended against attacks through careful placement of the machine, tougher safes and deterrents that will discourage a criminal from making an attempt. Since the number of attacks may vary according to location of the ATM, it is important for the location to have higher security supervision.

A secure environment is provided by ATM installation services to track everyone that comes through the warehouse. Service starts from the moment that the machine is delivered at the high tech warehouse to final mile delivery and installation. Enhanced security is assured during these processes.

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