The Importance Of Physiotherapy In Treating Sports Injuries


The range of sports injuries that physio in Stanhope gardens has helped treat is vast. In professional sports, the risks of injuries are inevitable. Sports injuries are a reality for both non-professional and professional athletes. Physiotherapists will help in the healing process and prevention of a range of sports injuries.

One of the most common complaints of athletes is muscular pain. Aches and pains can be relieved with intensive massage therapy because it can reduce the tension around the affected area, reduce stiffness of the muscles and increase blood flow to warm the muscles. Most professional sports players have frequent massages to ensure that muscles are in optimum condition. Massage can also reduce tension and the possibility of sports injuries in the future.

Muscle strain usually occurs when the muscle has been stretched beyond its resting length. In many instances, the strain can be very painful but the ache will ease after a short period of time. If the muscle strain is serious particularly in the hamstring muscles it can limit or prohibit muscle movement. In this situation, physiotherapy is important but should only be carried out after 72 hours. The period of rest after the injury will allow the strain to subside slightly. The physiotherapist will massage the area very gently and will recommend specific exercises so that blood flow and muscle movement can be encouraged.

A muscle tear usually sidelines an athlete for a long period of time. Physiotherapy will help during the healing process to manage pain. The physiotherapist will recommend gradual exercises and stretching to improve strength and restore nerve activity in the muscles. Aside from massage, the physiotherapist may also use electrotherapy.

After a fracture or break, it is important to wait for the affected area to heal. Once healing is underway, the physiotherapist will recommend exercises and stretches to gradually restore the affected area to normal.

Customized treatment plans are offered by physio in Stanhope gardens for athletes and professionals. There is physiotherapy for general injuries and treatment for chronic pain on the back or ankles. Physiotherapists have knowledge in sports science and performance coaching so that an athlete can overcome an injury the fastest possible time.


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