The Common Boiler Problems That A Crofts Technician Needs To Fix


It’s a reality that no appliances last forever. The average lifespan of a boiler is between ten to fifteen years. When you want to prolong its lifespan, you will need repair or maintenance. Otherwise, you need to buy a new one to use. This is how Crofts boiler repair and maintenance service can help you with this need. So, here is when you need maintenance or repairs:

  • There Is No Hot Water

If your boiler doesn’t produce hot water or heat from the radiators, it’s the right time to contact a boiler service and have it repaired. If there is no hot water or heat, the thermostat can be turned way down, and you’ll be left feeling cold, especially during winter time. You can also check the pressure gauge and see if there’s a pressure issue. If it’s lower than one, then it’s time to contact Crofts to repair or replace the problem.

  • Low Water Pressure

If hot water is working, but it’s coming out of the pipes too weakly, then there can be an issue with the boiler’s pressure. You can rule that by checking the main line’s water pressure. If there seems to be a further problem, then there can be a leak or blockage in the system. For leakage, contact the boiler repair company and have it fixed at once.

  • Banging Noises

The boiler system may produce strange noises, which may lead you to think that it’s having a problem and will need a new boiler. Sometimes, the air in the system can be the reason why you hear noises. This may also lead to a more serious problem with the boiler. To ensure it’s running properly, a Crofts technician can check if the pipes are fitted properly and ensure that the water flows smoothly down the faucets.

  • Pilot Light Keeps Going Out

Does the pilot light keep going out? Then you need to relight it and check your gas supply. If the gas isn’t working, you need to contact your supplier.

  • Leaks and Drips

Leaks are caused by corrosion and may happen to your boiler. So, find a stop to the leaking, and a Crofts technician can gladly come to your home to check out the problem.

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