The Best Diving Experience On Board The Best Liveaboard Similan Islands


The Similan Islands in the Andaman Sea allows underwater explorers to see the most desirable dive spots of the world. These are granite islands that divers can travel to view what’s beneath the sea. For the best experience, you need to board the best liveaboard Similan Islands for unlimited diving.

The Marine Life

The Similan Islands is the rainforest of the sea. As a diver in the Similan Islands, you’ll be spectating a plethora of marine life that will surely amaze even the most experienced divers. There are all sorts of rays to see like the manta rays, Kuhl stingrays, shovelnose rays and eagle rays. The divers can also see various species of sharks if they’re lucky. The list of species to see beneath the seawaters are endless, that’s why you need to be in the best liveaboard Similan Islands for a marvellous dive experience.

Dive Sites

In the Similan Islands, you can choose so many dive sites to go to enjoy. There is surely a dive spot for everyone. Some will need the explorer to descend up till 30-metres deep, while there are those only few metres from the surface. If you’re a beginner, this is the perfect place for you. However, only six of the granite islands are allowed to be visited by divers and snorkellers. The best liveaboard Similan Islands can show you which islands you can visit.

It’s Very Affordable

Thailand is the best location for affordable diving, and you have the Similan Islands as a great dive spot. Though the Similan Islands are more expensive than Pattaya, but explorers won’t ever feel they are dishing out a lot of money just to see the underwater realm. This will be a perfect location for the best liveaboard Similan Islands to go diving or snorkelling.

Snorkellers are Welcome

If you don’t find diving comfortable for your needs, you can watch the deep sea by snorkeling. The gears can be rented at the headquarters of the national park. You can go for a day trip if you find the best liveaboard Similan Islands as too expensive. You can be in Phuket or Khao Lak for a reasonable price. Ensure you’re here between October till May as the weather is great. Otherwise, the park is closed due to bad weather conditions.

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