The 2018 Venue Trends For Networking Event Space In Sukhumvit


For the year 2018, few options of venues talk about the major trends for the meeting industry, including networking event space in Sukhumvit, as a venue.

  • The Welfare During Events

In some conferences and meetings, wellness breaks are considered one of 2018’s priorities, as the millennial generation are more conscious about their health and wellbeing. The trend will include taking care of yourself, especially that you need to choose a location for such events. Organisers are now considering every aspect of the experience for participants.

  • Encouraging Meetings with Innovative Activities

Companies are often searching for new and encouraging activities suited for corporate meetings. This trend is set to grow in 2018. Gone are the days when businesses are contented with a regular meeting room and a marvellous meal. They want to provide their staff and delegates with a unique experience to improve their creativity and make the most of the event. Of course, this may require a networking event space in Sukhumvit, especially when it concerns MLM activities.

  • Customised Apps for Events

In 2017, there was a rise of customised apps as a key feature for events and conferences. Venues are designated to collaborate some brands, so that it initiates event specific features. These easy and convenient platforms will provide easier registration and increased accessibility and engagement. This will provide event planners an opportunity to converse about the event before and after it happened. The customised apps will continue to be used in 2018. Delegates will be offered access tools to live sensory experiences and 3D venue layout videos.

  • Modify Guest Journeys

Travel time for delegates and guests will continue to be simplified in 2018. Here, technology will be utilised efficiently to ensure that the guest’s journey is easy and comfortable. Technology will personalise the experience, to know what the guests need and therefore expectations are met. The receptionist will still pursue his or her role as the host but will interact with the guests if they need more information and feed backs. Technology will simplify the whole process but is not meant to replace. So, a guest can expect that the networking event space in Sukhumvit will have a better purpose.

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