Switching To Modern Floor Tiles? Consider These Factors Affecting Its Cost


Whether you want to have modern floor tiles or more traditional ones installed in your home, you might be wondering how much it would cost you. Of course, this would help you prepare your finances for the project properly, and would prevent unfortunate circumstances like half-heartedly settling for something you’re not particularly thrilled with just because you don’t want to go over budget.


The pricing for the installation may involve some of the following factors:


Old material removal

Imagine if your home has existing tiles already, but you wish to switch to modern floor tiles instead. That would require removing the old tiles first and cleaning it up, so that the installers could properly install the newer ones.


Preparation of the subflooring

The subflooring is the surface that sits directly under your tile. Installers cannot simply put the tiles on top of it without proper preparation. If not, your tiles could crack or buckle, making it a hazard for you and your family, and requiring another round of fixing, which in turn, means more costs.


Plumbing and electrical modifications

If the floor area that the installers will be working on involves electrical wirings or plumbing, they may or may not need to modify these before installing the new tiles. These ensure that the electricity and plumbing in your home keeps working, and that the installation would not damage them in any way.


Installation labour

This is the actual cost of installing the tiles itself. This varies from one company to another.


Debbie Gartner, owner of a flooring store in Westchester, New York, says that homeowners should not try to guess how much they’d think they’d spend on the project. She suggests getting three contractors and asking them for an estimate. This would give you a better idea of the cost that the project could cost.


She says that it is good to start with a “budget does not matter” mindset. Think of what you really want, and once you get the estimates, try making adjustments to reach your goal within a more realistic price range. You can switch materials, for example, as materials vary in prices, and so does the labour that comes with installing it. For example, natural stones—which are heavier and require greater care in handling— would cost more on labour as well.

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