Stick On Tiles Transform Bathroom For As Low As $25


Renovating a part of your home—whether it is the bathroom, the bedroom, the kitchen, you name it— is an exciting part of home ownership. However, it comes with a lot of preparation, research, and budget. Interested individuals can go over here to see some latest designs and other services that could make home renovation better and faster. An Australian mom made headlines for redesigning her bathroom for a fraction of what most would usually pay.


DIY Tiling

Facebook user Karyn shared a new discovery that she found over at retailer Bunnings. The homeowner tried out the self-stick vinyl tiles from the shop to give her bathroom floor a new look. Each stick-on tile measures 305 x 305 millimetres, and come in 45 pieces per pack. Homeowners looking for more variety in design, style, and size can go over here for more options.


Karyn adds that now, she has a good looking bathroom floor that only cost her $25. She explains that the rest of the room still needs a paint job, but is already pleased with the result. After all, installation of tiles could take time and money, and doing it herself for the said price wouldn’t have taken her too much time as well.


She adds that she initially bought a pack worth $72, but it was more than enough to cover the rest of the bathroom. The tiles can also be bought for $1.60 each for those who do not want to buy the entire box.


Karyn says that another Facebook user tried the product, and laid the tiles on a concrete floor. The pleased homeowner said that the result looked great.



Karyn did not stop at using stick-on tiles for her bathroom. She decorated the toilet area with an old bookcase that she got from Kmart years prior. She removed the bottom shelves to accommodate the toilet, and kept the top shelf for display and storage.


Revamping a room could get expensive easily. With all the possible options now available, it has become tempting to just choose and pay. However, by being resourceful and creative, homeowners can achieve stunning results.



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