Stand Up Paddle Boarding For Beginners


If you are planning on giving stand up paddle boarding a try, this article will help you prepare as a beginner. Some tips and expert advises are also listed.

Stand up paddle boarding is also commonly known for its abbreviation “SUP”. If this is your first time to encounter the term, this is a type of water sport that exhibits surfing while kayaking at the same time. As a proof of its growing popularity, data has shown that gear sales related to SUP has increased around 200 per cent within a year. There are many advantages to the sport such as providing full body workout while improving a person’s flexibility and balance.

The difference between paddle boarding and surfing is that surfing requires waves in order to be performed while paddle boarding can be done on calm bodies of water such as the ocean, rivers and lakes. This is one of the reasons why surfing is not as popular especially in places where there is no nearby surf.

Here are some of the tips one should bear in mind as a beginner in paddle boarding:

– Enroll and take SUP classes. Though you may have a string physique, the most important factor that makes one successful in paddle boarding is the techniques acquired by taking a lesson. Enrolling in a paddle boarding class will help one avoid committing various mistakes which are inevitable for beginners without proper instructors.

– Purchase or acquire the proper gear needed. As a beginner, it is important that you have all the proper gears before venturing into the world of stand up paddle boarding. One common mistake is the size of the board with respect to the weight of the user which often leads into misconceptions that the sport is too hard or is not fit for them. In order to start your first lesson, you must have the right stand up paddle board. If you have no idea what is right for you then it is best to consult an expert on the sport. An option to try out the board before purchase is also essential. Second most important gear is the paddle and the size must also be compatible with the user. Last, a flotation device is needed to ensure safety as a beginner.

– Give importance to your core rather than the arms. The word paddling might give an impression that strong arms are needed but the most important part to focus on when paddle boarding is the core. It will ensure that the user will remain balanced on the board and will have enough endurance.

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