How To Spot A Family-Friendly Ski Resort In Japan


If your idea of ski Japan holidays is skiing freely with your family, then the first thing you should do is find a ski resort that offers accommodation for children and the entire family. While there are ski resorts that are designed for adults, there are also those that are suited to child guests. If you will spend your holidays in Japan for a good ski, make it a point to inquire from your target resort if they can accommodate children. Take note that skiing is an outdoor sport that comes with its own share of danger and without the right facilities for children, a ski resort can pose hazards to their young guests. So how will you know if the ski resort that you are considering is family-friendly? Here are some indications.

Child-friendly facilities

One of the things that you will check if you will spend the holidays skiing with your family in Japan is the facilities. Find out if the ski resort has a kid’s park or amusement center where your children can safely enjoy. A kid’s park is equipped with the latest amenities that allow children to enjoy the snow without hurting themselves. You should also look for a snow escalator or a surface lift so your children can get to different levels in the resort without getting physically stressed or you getting stressed out of carrying them. Remember that ski resorts are usually located in high slopes and without these child-friendly facilities, getting to and from the ski resort could be strenuous.


Even if you have toddlers and kids with you, you can still enjoy an unforgettable ski Japan holidays when you can just check your kids in a nursery as you go out in the slopes. Nurseries in ski resorts take in children s young as 1 year old and above. With your little ones in the nursery, you can enjoy your day in the slopes knowing that they are safe and properly taken care of within your vicinity.

Beginner Course

During your ski Japan holidays, look for a resort that offers beginner course for children to have them start appreciating sports and learn to enjoy the outdoors starting from a young age.

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