Some Common Technical Logistics Issues And How They Are Triggered


The technical logistics issues are usually the reasons why businesses stop their operation. A study featured by Compuw are showed that almost half of the respondents expressed that technology problems can happen everywhere for a selected number of days to daily. The frequency of technology failures as expressed by 75% respondents are increasing or stay the same.

Usually the problem is not what meets the eye. Technology concerns typically have underlying causes that should have been easily avoided. For the past two years, we offered technical logistics to over 260 businesses and gathered data from around ten thousand technology support requests. So, in this article, we unveil the most common logistics IT problems that impact small and mid-size supply chain companies:

  • Handheld Disconnections and Warehouse Wireless Instability

Around 87% of the logistics companies experience any of these problems:

  1. Poorly planned wireless warehouse implementation: Quite often, wireless networks are performed by companies that aren’t logistics systems integrators and are unaware of the specifics of implementing a warehouse wireless solution. In the long run, the network malfunctions, as it doesn’t meet the warehouse needs.
  2. Deficient equipment standardisation and configuration: If you don’t standardise on a device model and hardware vendor, you can create major problems and troubleshooting when things go wrong. If you standardise everything, you avoid issues that a vendor can handle the model.


  • Printing and Scanning Issues

Logistics firms must be able to scan documents and print shipping labels fast. If they are incapable of doing so, they can create productivity issues and other problems related to the supply chain.

  • IT Infrastructure Problems

The technical logistics infrastructure will include network devices, computers, servers and software. All these will help connect you to people and information. This is the place where you share and process the data where you get the sales quotes, emails, bill of landing, and more.

Quite often, this core component is underrated, and thus will result to system problems that can affect the business productivity and enhancing of customer dissatisfaction.

Technology is very important to any supply chain business. After you have considered what is right for your business, you need to create IT decisions. Then you can implement and manage it properly, so you have an efficient technical logistics in your office.

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