Similan Islands As The Underground Playground Of Divers


The Similan Islands has become a playground for adventurous divers in Thailand. It is not surprising why lots of visitors in Phuket are booking for day dive trips through Similan Island Diving to experience a different adventure underwater. The beauty of Similan Islands has spread throughout the world particularly among diving enthusiasts.

The Similan islands arenot as dramatically scenic as the limestone islands of Krabi and PhangNga Bay but it has turned out to be a popular tourist destination. Once you reach Similan Islands, you will be greeted by low-lying formations that are covered by a thick forest of ironwood, gum trees, jackfruit, rattan and bamboo. Huge boulders can be found along the western and southern shores as well as other islands.

One of the attractions of Similan islands which remain unexplored by crowds of tourists are the picturesque white coral sand beaches that were created by marine life. Actually, the exciting sights are found beneath the clear waters. The underwater paradise has some of the most spectacular coral growths that divers will want to explore. At 35 meters below the surface, divers will experience submarine peaks, canyons, caves and passageways that currents have kept clean from sand.

Different types of marine life have established the reefs and beaches. The beach is actually a product of the diligent scrapping and nibbling of the parrotfish that excretes more than 16 kilos of sand from lunching on hard corals in the course of a year.

Because of the prevailing 28oC temperature on the islands, conditions for coral reef growth are ideal. There are more than 200 species of hard coral that have been identified in the islands. Compared to other diving sites all over the world, there is a greater variety of marine life and bottom topography that you can’t find elsewhere. The coral gardens are a sight that you should never miss.

Similan Islands have become a popular destination for tourists as well as diving enthusiasts. Tourists who do not have diving experience can book for a daily dive trip through Similan Island Diving and spend the day relaxing in the boat and taking pictures of the sights. If you are particularly adventurous, you can try snorkelling to experience the colourful underwater world.

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