Services Offered By The Commercial Office Cleaning Agencies


Professional cleaning is required to keep offices looking neat and tidy. There are many areas in the office that need regular cleaning like, the windows, carpets, upholstery, furniture and so on. Most of the offices opt for the services of commercial cleaners’ janitor services for this purpose. Since the requirements of each office are different, these commercial agencies offer a wide range of services.

The services offered by Sydney office cleaning services agencies are:

  • Caretaking services – Regular maintenance and cleaning services. These services include the regular cleaning, mopping and scrubbing of floors, emptying the trash cans, bathroom cleaning, emptying the recycling bins, dusting and cleaning the furniture. They help to maintain a clean and dust free environment in the office. The neatly dressed, cleaning staff undertakes these services regularly in the office, continuously throughout the day. These services are also known as the janitor services.
  • Carpet cleaning services – Carpets are attractive and give a warm look and feel to a place. Carpets are also the most prone to collect dust and germs. Regular cleaning of carpets is necessary to keep them fresh and stain free.  Carpet cleaning is the most sought after service provided by Sydney office cleaning services companies. They use non- toxic and chemical free products to deep clean the carpets. Regular steaming and vacuuming is also done to keep carpets in top shape and increase their durability.
  • Window cleaning – Windows are the most prominent features in offices. Windows attract a lot of dust and stains. Maintaining clean and spotless windows in necessary for a positive impression. Commercial cleaning services offer window cleaning service to their clients. They clean the windows both from inside and outside.
  • After-hours cleaning – Generally, business owners prefer to get their offices cleaned after the working hours. This is to ensure the employees are not disturbed by the cleaning staff. Many of the Sydney office cleaning services offer after-hours cleaning to their clients. The cleaning staff are able to finish their tasks without any disturbance.

These are the major services offered by the commercial cleaning companies. Apart from them many of the Sydney office cleaning services offer other services like, rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning and flood restoration services.

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