Safety Tips For Parties With Bouncy Castle


A party with bouncy castle is a hit for kids and even adults. These will add entertainment and fun especially for parties that are held outdoors. Though the kids may be mindlessly having fun, the parents will surely be worried and would want to make sure that their kids are safe while inside the structure. As a host, it is your duty to make sure that everything is checked and there are safety precautions in place to avoid any accidents. Here are some tips in order to make sure the party will end with smiles:

  • There should be an adult supervising while the kids are playing inside the bouncy castle. The adult will be the one in charge of making sure that the kids will not climb on the walls and the number of kids playing at the same time will not exceed the limit allowed by the structure. The adult will also inspect the sand bags or pegs used to keep the castle in place to make sure that it has not moved.
  • Accidents happen inside the bouncy castle because of various reasons but the common ones are bled to wrestling, rough play and somersaulting. Before the kids are allowed to play inside, instructions should be given and clarify the things that are not allowed to be done inside. If the adult sees that the kids are doing any of the mentioned actions, they should be asked to stop at once.
  • If you are hosting a party and the kids present are in different age groups, make sure that only same size of kids or same age range are playing at a time. Group the kids and give each group a time limit to play.
  • If the weather is not ideal such as snowing, raining or too windy, it should not be risked. Rain and snow will cause the structure to be a hazard because it will eventually become slippery.

Before booking a Bouncy Castle for Hire in Perth, make sure that the company has public liability insurance and it should be a minimum of £1 million. Make sure that they bring a copy of the insurance before or on the date of the party.


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