Restaurants Worth Visiting In Sukhumvit Road


There are many reasons to stay at Hotel Bangkok in Sukhumvit and one of them is the food. There are many restaurants around the area that tourists should not miss dining in while they are staying in the district. Sukhumvit road is known to be the longest road in all of Thailand starting from the capital and almost reaching the Canadian border. This stretch of land became a haven for food lovers from street shops to fine dining restaurants.

  • Gaggan. This is probably one of the most popular restaurants in Bangkok. It specializes in Indian cuisine managed by none other than Gaggan Anand himself. It was recently awarded a two-star rating by the Michelin food guide. It also took home the number one spot for Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants for three consecutive years in a row. Time to visit this restaurant before its planned closure next year.
  • El Mercado. This is actually located near Rama IV but it can also be accessed by going through Sukhumvit Soi 16. It is a deli that offers European cuisine with specialty in Mediterranean dishes. Tourists that are planning to dine here should reserve a table in advance because it is quite popular and in demand in the area.
  • lan. One of the first few restaurants in Bangkok to provide a modern take to the traditional Thai cuisine. It is known for using high quality ingredients with remarkable attention to presentation. The menu is rotated based on the most abundant produce of the season.
  • 55 Pochana. This diner is well-known among people who enjoy the Thai nightlife. This is the go-to place after they had their fill of the night clubs. The cuisine served is a fusion of Thai and Chinese.
  • Gedhawa. There is a distinctive taste to Thai food from the north provinces such as Chiang Mai. Sadly, not everyone can explore to this side of the kingdom therefore the next best thing is visiting a restaurant that cook good northern Thai cuisine. If you are staying at a Hotel Bangkok in Sukhumvit, you can visit Gedhawa and feel like you have experienced northern Thailand at the same time.
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