Requirements For Novotel Management


Hotel management speaks volumes of a hotel’s quality. It effects the entire experience and impression of customers. This is why Novotels are taking important considerations when hiring managers to guarantee the quality of their services. Regardless of how big or small a hotel is, it should be ran by managers who are equipped with education, trainings, and experience.

Skills – Hotel managers are required of specific skills to go about the facets of their work. This is necessary as they should know how to ensure the satisfaction of customers and employees. For instance, managers of a Novotel in Patong possess listening skills, which helps them in determining the concerns of guests. They are also good at customer service and problem solving. They know what course of action to take in cases of customer issues. They also have leadership and managerial expertise that guides and resolves conflicts among hotel staff.

Education–Full-service hotels require aspiring managers a bachelor’s degree in hospitality or hotel management. In some hotels that run less difficult operations and fewer services, however, they accept candidates who have associate’s degree. Those who have certificates in hotel management may also be considered. Programs for hotel management include various courses, such as administration, accounting, and economics. Some also have housekeeping and food and beverage management. If you want to get a head start, you may find a school where you can enrol a two-year lodging management program. This will help you become a stronger candidate among other applicants.

Experience–Majority of managers in any Novotel in Patong were hired because of their training experience. Hotel companies are more impressed with those who have went through a series of tasks that have tested their ability in hotel management. Someone who works at the lowest position may also get promoted gradually until they reach the hotel manager spot. Employers normally hire candidates with a bachelor’s degree, but they sometimes choose employees who have proven their leadership for several years. Most aspiring hotel managers would apply for summer jobs or internships before applying for the positions. This is one way of preparing them to the hotel industry.

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