Recommendations For School Furniture That Improve Learning And Performance


Higher test scores, increased energy, better focus; things that teachers, administrators and students all want, but not really something that’s easy to achieve. The learning environment can do a lot to bring in these aspects to both staff and students, which means that getting the right stuff from your school furniture supplier can work wonders in improving the productivity and health of students.

Here’s some recommended furniture for you. If you’ve got more questions, then remember, your school furniture supplier is worth asking, and should answer with little issue. It is, after all, customer support.

Configurable desks and workspaces

One of the latest developments in ergonomic furniture, configurable, multi-purpose tables let the classroom to adjust to the activities and needs of the class. They can also be arranged in different ways allowing the class to move around and make adjustments so that the classroom atmosphere is just right. Create small groups, section off the class into different stations, or separate students for better individual focus.

Compact and mobile seating

Much like shaped tables, these chairs, the stacking and foldable kind, allow for rooms to be reconfigured to match different kinds of activities, groups, or learning environments. These furniture pieces let you provide a way to change dynamic spaces like assembly halls and gymnasiums. They’re also easy to store and set up, making moving them around only a matter of minutes.

Sit-stand workspaces

There’s been quite a few studies that suggest that students who are in a more traditional, sedentary classroom are far more likely to fail than those engaged in a more active learning environments. Those same students, in the more active learning spaces, often outperformed other students in the same tests. Standing around isn’t just a good idea for improving focus, but also helps jolt them awake and improve long term health, capable of lowering blood sugar levels, and other health benefits.

Tabletop sit-stand workstations and adjustable sit-stand desks

There’s a lot of furniture options that allow for people to change from sitting to standing throughout the day, and they’re great staples, allowing students to switch from sitting to standing without disturbing their books or the rest of the class. Workstations are good options for classrooms that aren’t really ready for new desks, and want to offer the ability to sit or stand on an individual basis.

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