Reasons Not To Spray Bugs In Your Garden


The Australian weather is now getting warmer with summer on the way, and the animals and insects are coming out to play. With bees, flies, beetles and other critters heading for gardens everywhere, it’s no wonder it’s around this point in time when some Australian residents break out their phones and ask for pest control in Sydney or handle the bugs themselves.

Some, however, like the new traffic coming in, and dislike killing all the bugs summer brings into their garden, and for good reason. Whilst some garden bugs are definitely good targets for some pest control, others aren’t as viable targets; dealing with them might not be necessary, efficient, or helpful. They might be useful for the ecosystem, or they might be predators to the actual pests.

Here’s some reasons to only use pesticides when absolutely necessary.

  • It’s the bee’s knees.
    • Flowers and fruits are an important addition to any decent garden, to say the least, and they both need someone to do the pollinating in order for them to propagate. This is where the bees, beetles, moths and, of course, the butterflies come in. These little guys spread the pollen of flowers they come into contact with, allowing for their growth and reproduction, and who doesn’t like good fruit and beautiful flowers?
  • Propose to decompose.
    • Organic waste and leaf litter don’t need to be clean all the time, provided your garden space has a healthy decomposer population, such as worms or woodlice. Not only will these tiny bulldozers of nature clean out some of the organic rubbish in your garden, they’ll also release nutrients into the soil that contributes to plant growth.
  • Fight fire with fire.
    • Certain bugs don’t attack plant life, and go after smaller bugs, usually the ones that do. Pests like mozzies and cockroaches are kept in check by predators such as mantises and dragonflies, so taking out the latter means more of the former. Taking out both means more effort, and there’s always the fact that bugs can grow resistant to insecticides. There’s a style of pest control which organic farmers do, wherein they grow the plants beneficial bugs favour in order to get their numbers up, and the pests’ down.
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