Reasons For The Increase In Demand For Cremation


According to statistics, the percentage of cremations in the United States and all over the world has increased considerably. It is expected that the growth will reach as much as 55 per cent by 2021. This opens up a lot of business for children and adult cremation urns as well as accessories needed for the memorial. There are many reasons why people chose cremation over traditional burial.

  • Cost. Cremation is much more affordable compared to a traditional burial. When you look at the cost of a traditional burial, it could vary from $8,000 to $15,000 while cremation will only require between $1,000 and $2,000. The price range depends on the funeral home that will carry out the memorial service. Traditional burial is more expensive because it requires a cemetery plot and the price of land continues to rocket.
  • Eco-friendly. With issues of global warming and plastic pollution, people are becoming more aware of their choices which could affect the environment. This is why many are choosing to do cremation because traditional burial requires embalming and the chemicals used are found to be harmful for human health and nature when the body disintegrates under the ground. Caskets also require materials which can contribute to carbon footprint.
  • Time. With traditional burial, the body has to be buried after sometime because it could decompose. With cremation, there is not time constraint and the ashes can be displayed at home for as long as the family desires. The funeral service could be organized for months if that is what the family needs to mourn their loss.
  • Convenience. It is more convenient to plan a cremation memorial compared to a traditional burial. You do not have to rush and skip other processes such as deciding the design for the casket, preparing the cemetery plat and other things related to a tradition burial.
  • Flexibility. When you choose cremation, aside from having the flexibility to choose the adult cremation urns as well as the type of memorial you want to hold. There is no limitation as to what you can do because there is no body that needs to be buried with urgency.
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