Production Of Sweaters And Software Knitters



Production of sweaters have increased especially that the cold months are coming. Ugly Christmas sweaters are also expected to make their rounds in the apparel market. As more people become engaged in making their own sweaters, it has become customary for them to buy their own equipment.

If you are in the knitting industry, you would need equipment for your home use which can be any of the following: 3.5 mm fine gauge with 300 needles, 4.5 mm standard gauge with 200 needles, 6 mm mid gauge with 150 needles and 9.0 mm chunky or bulky with 110 needles.

Software knitters

There are some production knitters that have plenty of experience creating sweater designs from scratch but it is best not to assume this. There are a number of production knitters who were once hobbyists and had decided to turn knitting into something profitable. As such, these knitters may only have worked using the patterns of other people. It is important to find out the level of experience that the knitters have with regards to original designs since it is sometimes necessary to go to another knitter in order to get some written instructions or a particular detailed drawing.

A knitter who has more experience with design will usually make use of software. There is software out there that is free. With the use of software, you can customize your designs and you can also work with templates. The software can also digitize images and then knit these into patterns. The development however of the knit designs is quite a lengthy process so it would be better if you know whether the person has software background or capabilities or that he has the ability to make patterns from scratch immediately.

Industry experience and knowledge

Not everyone who knows how to handle machine for knitting has apparel industry experience. They may not have idea on the latest yarn and stitch trends. For this reason, it is best to be detailed when working on these patterns. If you have no one to do patterning for you, you certainly have to hire someone in order to create a set of instructions which can be followed by others in the production facility.

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