Pictorial Maps As The Quick Marketing Solution Of Tourism Professionals


Originally, it was called illustrated maps but now people know them as pictorial maps, bird’s eye-view maps, map illustrations or panoramic maps. No matter how it is called, the illustrated map depicts a certain area with more artistry and creativity than technical style. The rich, centuries old tradition of map illustrations are drawn by specialized artists and illustrators.

Professionals in the tourism industry have found a quick marketing solution in the form of illustrated maps that provide directions as well as information that is indispensable to travelers. The pictorial map can be in a smaller size that can be placed inside the pocket or purse or it can function as a big informative board installed in the lobby of a hotel or tourist site.

There are many maps being used today from the traditional paper maps to digital maps where a collection of data is compiled into a virtual image. The advantage of illustrated maps over its counterparts is the strong visual message. The illustrator usually makes use of rich colors to comply with the demand of today’s strong visual culture. Popular holiday destinations and entertainment areas are highlighted in realistic, unique graphics and elaborate designs. The maps are a great help for travelers who are planning their activities.

Besides being a classical form of tourism map, illustrated maps provide informative content. There are a range of places which can be visited in particular location from hotels, restaurants, event centers and entertainment venues. The map helps introduce the area as a tourism destination. Travelers can easily plan their routes as well as destinations.

Regular maps usually focus on the accuracy of distances while pictorial maps play on the emotions of visitors. The viewer usually gets a familiar sense of recognition because the buildings and landmarks in the areas are highlighted in the illustrated map.

Most of the pictorial maps that are being used in the tourism and hospitality industry are the products of the creative minds of illustrators. They enhance prominent parts of the landscape to provide the viewer with a customary feeling of identification. The wonderful landscape graphics combined with child-like drawings easily delivers a message.

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