Pest Control For Restaurants


Flying insects, crawling pests or rodents inside a restaurant can be a deal breaker for a guest. Presence of a pest violates stringent sanitation requirements for food establishments because they are carriers of diseases. There are nationwide exterminators services that will eliminate any pest problems that the establishment is facing.

Pest prevention is challenging for a restaurant because it has to deal with food that is inside and outside the establishment. Since every food establishment is different, preventive measures will differ, too. In every restaurant, there are hot spots that require particular attention.

Lots of insects are drawn to the warmth coming from lighting fixtures. They are also attracted to ultraviolet light that is frequently used to lure insects to glue traps and bug zappers. It is critical to pay particular attention to the lighting strategy. A minimum amount of lighting can be directed to the establishment and lighting fixtures must be installed away from the building. Direct lighting must focus towards doorways.

Dumpsters are very attractive to pests and they can be an eyesore if not maintained properly. A restaurant must invest in a dumpster of appropriate size to serve the needs of the establishment. This will help prevent overflowing of trash. The area surrounding the dumpster must be regularly cleaned with a hose in a manner that allows water to flow to drains. Dumpsters must always be shut tightly and placed away from the establishment.

Doors and windows must always be closed. If there are doors that have to be opened frequently, invest in an air curtain to deter flying insects. Door sweeps can be used to seal gaps between the bottom of the door and floor.

Regular cleaning and sanitation will keep pests away from the kitchen, dining rooms and food preparation areas. Loose crumbs, drips and splashes must be cleaned immediately. Food must always be kept in sealed containers that are 6 inches off the ground.

Pest control is troublesome for a restaurant owner but there is an option in nationwide exterminators services that will deal with any pest issues. Quick and efficient pest control services will be provided so that the normal routine of the staff will not be disturbed.

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