Packing List For Your Holiday To Thailand


Thailand is one of those places where you can enjoy a cheap vacation. Hotels have managed to keep their rates rather low even during peak season. It helps that there is a convenient family hotel in Bangkok with its own pool bar, gourmet bar and rooftop bar. Family members who do not want to explore the city can relax and unwind in the stylish bars.

What to bring to Thailand is one of the questions of first-time travellers. There are many tips on the kind of clothing that you should wear on this tropical country but it is important to bring an abundance of patience, sense of humour and adventurous spirit.

It is obvious that to everyone who travels that the passport must always be with you wherever you go in a foreign country. It is a good idea to use a passport pouch neck wallet to keep the passport safe. Do not place your passport, valuables and money on your pockets when you are in crowded places like markets, and bus stations. Like other popular tourist destinations, Thailand has its share of pickpockets and scammers.

To make travelling convenient for the family, each one must have their own backpacks. The backpack can double as the carry-all when flying and leaves the hands free for other things. One of the indispensable items that your backpack must contain is a sarong that can be used as a towel, blanket, cover-up for the swimsuit, beach towel or scarf.

If you have plans to hike or trek, make sure to bring protective footwear. Most of the trails are pretty intense but since the weather is mostly hot and humid, ventilated protective shoes would be a better option. It also makes sense to pack quick-dry outfits, comfortable sandals, a good sun hat and a pair of sunglasses. Do not forget the sunscreen and anti-mosquito lotion.

However, if you are not the adventurous type, you can simply relax inside the family hotel in Bangkok and experience the different activities offered. You can relax in style at the infinity pool or enjoy the breathtaking sunset from the rooftop bar. You can also enjoy Thai and international dishes and drinks at the restaurant and gourmet bar.

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