Must-Try Street Foods In Bangkok


If you ask tourists who plan or have been to Bangkok as to why they want to go there, their answer would be to try the local food and especially the world-famous street foods of the capital. There is no denying that people book hotel in Ploenchit in order to experience the food haven that is Bangkok. For first time visitors, the option for street foods might be overwhelming thus this article will list down all the foods that are worth trying when in Bangkok, Thailand.

  • Thai Chicken Rice. This dish is locally called Khao Man Gai. Unlike other chicken rice, their version is much dryer and they use rice grains that are rougher in texture and thicker in size. You might not appreciate too much grease from all the sauce it comes with when eating a lot of this thus it is best to practice moderation. This is commonly seen sold in places close to city hotels.
  • Thai stir-fried noodles. Pad Thai is quite common in other countries because it is one of the most imitated Thai dishes. The taste is between sweet and spicy brought by the palm sugar and the chilli included in the dish. There is also a hint of sourness from the limejuice and pulp of tamarind added.
  • Thai Wanton Meeis also called Ba Mee. The locals use thin kind of yellow noodles when making this dish.Instead of using too much sauce, pork lard is added. This is often served together with crab meat, wanton and char siew.
  • Thai Rice Noodle Soup locally known as Kuay Jab Nam Sai. This is similar to Singapore’s MeePokwhich is a combination of the organ soup and the kway chap rice noodles. It contains different kinds of pig innards as well as meats.
  • Tom Yum Goong is the spicy seafood soup version from Thailand. Included in the soup are jumbo prawns and there are those that serve these with condensed milk.

Before visiting Bangkok, do not focus on booking a hotel in Ploenchit alone but also search for recommended stalls online that you should try before embarking on your trip.

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