Motorcycle Safety Myths And Misconceptions


When you get to talk to motorcyclists, you will probably hear some popular urban legends, misconceptions, incorrect assumptions and explanations regarding motorcycle safety which are wrong when checking the facts. Believing these will likely increase your chance of getting involved in accidents or crashes.

These are some of the myths and misconceptions about motorcycle safety.

Myth #1: Other drivers do not care about the motorcyclists

Although unbelievable at times, drivers never intend to hit a motorcyclist. Those near misses happen because they are unaware of your presence even when you’re in front of them. You can either be obscured from plain view or completely hidden due to glare, by car’s roof pillars, things on the road or by other causes.

It is better if you help them spot you. You can wear bright coloured gear on your jacket or helmet. The high beam should be run during daytime. Just make sure to think of things which may hide you like a car by the next lane or the sun at your back.

Myth #2: Any skilled or experienced rider can handle any situation

Even the most skilled and the sharpest motorcyclist out there will not be able to control a car pulling in front of him from a short distance or stopping directly in a path broadside. Superior skills keeping you from trouble is nonsense. It is better take precautions like scanning further ahead, slowing down or thinking strategically.

Myth #3: Drinking just one beer isn’t going to hurt

No matter how unaffected you may be with drinking beer, the studies all indicate otherwise. Risk is increased to yourself and to other people. In addition, when you get older, your metabolism also slows down. And, those drinks you had the night before might still affect you the next day.

Myth #4: Having loud pipes will save lives

Even if those Aprilia motorbikes or Honda motorcycles that people have which are customized to have loud pipes, the rearward directed noise from those motorcycles as an example will not do much when a car turns just right in front. Research indicates that those with customized exhaust systems experience crashes more often than bikes who have their stock pipes. It is better to choose a loud jacket or wear a brightly coloured helmet when you intend to save lives.


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