Misconceptions Regarding Truck Driving


The growing shortage of truck drivers is threatening Canadian trucking companies that are anticipating a volume in shipments. Trucking companies are facing long delays in processing time to enable immigrant drivers to fill in the vacant positions. Most of the trucking companies are exerting efforts to attract truck drivers from South Asia.

Just like any industry, the trucking industry has its share of myths. For some reason, many people believe that truck drivers do not make much money from their job. In Canada, the average salary of a truck driver is $48,000 a year. The more experienced big riggers earn more than $100,000 annually. This means that truck driving is a lucrative choice for employment seekers.

Another myth is truck driving is more prone to road accidents. Trucks just like other smaller vehicles are involved in road accidents. The truck drivers are usually not the cause of the accidents. Media sometimes sensationalizes accidents involving truck drivers because they are more dramatic than the typical fender benders. Truck drivers are usually less likely to be involved in road accidents compared to SUV’s and regular sedans because trucks are usually limited to less traveled routes, not the busy city roads.

There is a misconception that male drivers are better than female drivers. Truck driving is not exclusive to men because according to statistics, there are 200,000 female truck drivers. Most of them are professionals and five times less likely to disregard safety regulations. In the trucking industry, women need to pass the commercial driver’s license (CDL) testing to pursue a truck driving career.

Truck drivers spend a lot of time behind the wheels of the vehicle but it does not mean that they do not observe good hygiene. Most truck drivers take pride in their appearance. They see to it that their trucks are properly maintained and clean. There are truck stops with facilities where drivers can freshen up.

When goods and items do not require an entire trailer, Canadian trucking companies usually offer the less than full truckload option. This is the best choice for companies that anticipate smaller shipment volumes and do not require expedited delivery times. It saves them money on smaller shipments.

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