Lounge Bar In Sukhumvit Will Suit Women Travelers


Bangkok is the city of angels and a famous destination among travellers. It’s popular for its historical temples and male-oriented nightlife. So let’s know what are your options when you are a female traveller to this gorgeous and lively city. You may want to consider a lounge bar in Sukhumvit for starters.

If this is your first time in Bangkok, you’ll be surprised that there are lots of famed temples, historical sights and shopping opportunities in the area. Here’s some tips on how to enjoy Bangkok:

  • Shop till You Drop

Once you’re done with all the sightseeing and adventure, you’ll have plenty of time in the evening to venture into Bangkok’s many shopping malls and markets. Shopping can continue until late at night when malls close around 9PM. Especially in tourist areas, smaller stores and markets open longer.

Famous shopping malls in Bangkok include the Siam Paragon and the Central World Shopping Complex. You can also settle for more upmarket choices like the Gaysorn Plaza and the Emporium. Here you’ll find the famous fashion house stores. If you want Thai silk and handicrafts, you can go to Naraya Phand or the exclusive Jim Thompson Stores.

  • Restaurants and Bars

After going on shopping, you may want to taste exquisite cuisines and drinks from a lounge bar in Sukhumvit. In Bangkok, food is 24/7 and eating seems a favourite pastime for many Thai nationals. There are great eateries you can find around shopping malls. You can also check out famous nightclubs and bars if you want to try Bangkok’s nightlife. Here you’ll be listening to funk and techno music. Just ask the hotel staff where you are booked if unfamiliar to these places.

  • Extra Time

If you still have spare time to see more sights and attractions in Bangkok, head on the Skytrain stop. Experience venturing the entire city using the trains and the directions they provide. They are even considered the most convenient ways to locomote in Bangkok and see what’s in store for you. Perhaps you can head on to a Thai spa and be massaged. It’s a simple way of pampering yourself with herbal beauty treatments. Before your scheduled flight, ensure you have visited lounge bar in Sukhumvit for entertainment and relaxation.

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