Junk Hauling Business Getting Attention For Helping Veterans Get Jobs


JDog Junk Removal & Hauling is a pretty popular company that handles junk removal Orange County and across the US. They’re notable for their quality of service, with every employee wearing shirts that say “Respect, integrity, trust”.

The company’s (open) secret is that they hire veterans. The company itself is owned and operated by veterans, and military families, which they say has done much to help differentiate itself from the competition.

The company handles a lot of services involving junk removal Orange County and across the US, like picking up old furniture,  or clearing out entire houses or offices, with the majority (60%-80%) of their hauls either repurposed, recycled, or donated to someone who can use it. The company usually sends the stuff to Goodwill, the Salvation Army, or just to veterans that are in need of stuff for their homes.

The company’s Toledo franchise expanded earlier in July 2019, under the leadership of Natalie Colon and Latasha Jones.

Ms. Jones is an Army veteran, with 12 years of active service under her belt, who found JDog and joined after seeing an ad. She says that the camaraderie and the charity, the helping others thing, attracted her to JDog, where she was able to help other people, as well as get over her PTSD.

Ms. Jones says that she was deployed to Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom, where getting bombarded by mortar wasn’t just commonplace, it was the daily norm.

Like Ms. Jones, Ms. Colon is an Army veteran, having served for four years and stationed in Hawaii. She says that JDog has helped her reintegrate into society at large.

She notes that the core values of JDog; respect, integrity, and trust, are just how the military functions. Not only does this give them an edge in the market, but also makes the workers feel comfortable working alongside each other.

The two note that that industrious work ethic that veterans possess, which is unmatched by most, is a huge asset to the company. They’re the most hardworking people, the two veterans say, and that’s a huge asset for any company to have.



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