Ibis Styles Lviv Center Features Astonishing Facilities


Ibis Styles Bangkok and in a lot more places in the world are becoming popular simply because they offer great designs on par with the taste of a modernized world.

Design speaks about everything. It is the one that could grab your attention when you walk past a newspaper stand, it is the one that you could immediately notice when you stumble upon an infographic on social media, and it’s the thing that could hold your breath the time you enter a state-of-the-art facility.

Beyond reasonable doubt, design is indeed a prerequisite and it is needed in almost every aspect and field– most especially when it comes to hotels.

In Service Since 2011

Since it was established back in 2011, Ibis Styles has been the primary designer of the AccorHotels’ economy division. It offers a non-conventional and vibrant decorations and designs for a relatively lower price. And thus equipped with the essence of Ibis Styles is the all new Ibis Styles LvivCenter in Ukraine.

Arguably, from the time you set foot on the building you could already have an idea on the quality of facilities that it proudly houses. Located on the Center of Lviv, on 3, Shukhevycha Street, the center stands tall with its seven stories. Presently it is the sole international branded hotel in the said place.

Designs and Services Like No Other

Striking a balance between design and comfort, its facilities exude a relaxing ambiance through its unique decorations. Aside from the sitting area, they also have a spacious lobby wherein a Kidzone is located.

On top of their primary hotel services, they could also arrange your tours, book flight for you, and more.

As part of their initiative, you could also find environment-friendly services where you could recycle your wastes and turn them into something useful.

Of course, great hotels don’t miss out on great buffets and food, and thus the center also serves buffet centered on Ukrainian and Italian cuisines.

Hence, with their unmatched designs which could transform every establishment they adorn into something captivating, the popularity of Ibis Styles Bangkok and in Ibis Styles Lviv among others continues to grow.

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