How To Choose A Suzuki Motorcycle That Will Match With The Lifestyle


In 2018, Suzuki introduced 32 street legal bikes. If you are looking for a motorcycle that fits your lifestyle, visit Suzuki motorcycle dealers because they usually have a wide range of 2-wheeled vehicles. However, always take into account your riding style because motorcycle manufacturers typically use different category terms to group their bikes according to style.

The category names that are being used by Suzuki are generally self descriptive. So many models have been launched but Suzuki has kept the descriptions to a minimum. If you are buying a new motorcycle, you need to focus on the motorcycle’s differences from the rest of the group. However, you will notice that specs for torque and horsepower are marked as “unavailable” in the tables that follow the group descriptions. Bike manufacturers do not really release engine power figures.

If your purchasing decision will be based on prices, remember that motorcycle prices are based on a complete bike. If you want additional options for the bike, the dealer or manufacturer will be too happy to provide additional accessories and add-ons because it means higher profit margins.

If you are a member of the high performance crowd, there is the 2018 Hayabusa or the Ultimate Sportbike. The 1340cc liquid cooled engine was inspired by Peregrine Falcon with a light frame, adjustable suspension and Brembo ABS System. Meanwhile, the GSX-R1000R has a liquid-cooled 999cc 4-cylinder engine with an IMU, suspension and brakes that are enhanced for greater performance whether on or off the track. The unique launch control allows a fast start off the line. Both sport bikes are not suggested for beginners.

The 2018 Suzuki GSX-R1000 is similar to the GSX-R1000 ABS but it does not include the anti-lock braking system. The GSX-R750 has a 750cc engine with a chassis that has been originally designed for a 600xx super sportbike.

There are many new and used sport bikes from Suzuki motorcycle dealers from those that have lighter weight for easy handling to the large GSX models that are not suggested for novices. Accessories and add-ons are available from the parts department with professional technicians to provide you with the necessary advice.

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