How Stickers Evolved From Scrapbooks To Marketing Tools


For years, people have been using vinyl stickers in NZ for personal needs. Stickers can be used in paper craft projects and cards. Scrapbooks are dressed up creatively with stickers in different shapes, sizes, colours and designs. Recently, the popularity of stickers caught the attention of businesses that require a unique marketing tool.

Sticker printing has been in practice for a long period of time but it was mostly done on standard sticker paper that works well with most printers. Most stickers that are used for scrap booking or other personal purposes are printed on adhesive paper. Improvements in printing technology were able to produce stickers with vibrant colours and detailed designs.

Today, the concept of sticker printing has substantially changed. Quality printed stickers are now being used for marketing. Because of increased demand for the inexpensive promotional tool, images and messages are now being printed on vinyl which is a waterproof material. Standard paper is not reliable because it can easily peel off when wet. A long lasting material is required by marketers so that the sticker will not be damaged by water and varying weather conditions.

Vinyl cling stickers are highly suitable for outdoor use. Even if you place the vinyl stickers on the bumpers of cars, you are guaranteed that they will not fade or crack easily. The returns on investment are higher because the stickers will have a longer lasting life. You can enjoy continuous advertisements without spending a fortune.

Online sticker printing services allow you to upload your design for printing into stickers. If the artwork is not high quality, there are graphic designers that will improve the design while retaining your idea. You can also specify the colours, sizes and shapes of your stickers so that it will complement your product or service. You can also choose from hundreds of stunning templates that fits your advertising objective.

You business can be promoted in the most effective and economical way through vinyl stickers in NZ that are printed on vinyl adhesive. The material has high quality and can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. You can upload your own design or message so that you can generate awareness for your brand.

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