How Printed Glass Splashbacks Are Securely Installed


Many years ago, printed glass splashback did cost very expensive especially in terms of installation. However, nowadays, one can afford it as prices come much lower than before. Many times, the substantial expense pertains to installation. You can save a lot on labor costs if you prefer to install the splashback on your own. If you can measure it accurately, then a DIY installation can be recommended. But should the glass be thickened, you can no longer modify it as it’s impossible to install.

Exact Measurement and Planning

Before installing a printed glass splashback, you need to plan things first. Begin by measuring the kitchen so you can buy the glass accordingly. Once the kitchen’s measurements have been done, you can then order the glass. If you plan to refit the kitchen cabinets, ensure first if everything is properly leveled. Once all the lower level cabinets have been installed, indicate a space on the wall to have the upper cabinets installed. Indicate a 20mm higher on the wall as this is where you will install the glass splashback. Add another 8mm distance to where you will install the butt joint. If you are accurate with the measurements, cut a temporary template of the glass and order it.

Estimate Power Points

You first need to identify the power points before installing the glass splashback. The simplest way to do the markings is to begin at the center crosshair. Then you can indicate a measurement from the edges of the crosshair.

If you can’t do it yourself, you need an electrician to discard all the hardware and wires surrounding the point. This will prepare you for the installation surrounding the power points. Switch off the mains and ensure the test lamp is off. Simply remove the screw from the power point and turn it around 90 degrees so that it can sit within the box and push into the hole. If needed, secure longer screws for the power point, where the printed glass splashbacks can be installed.

These types of glass splashbacks can really be expensive even if you prefer it. If you are on a tight budget, buy regular glass which will need your artistic skills and creativity to install a plain glass instead. Ensure that everything is securely installed to make it last longer.

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