Guide In Converting VHS To DVD


While it is nostalgic to reminisce and watch with your VHS tapes every now and then, the sad fact is that it will not last forever. It is considered obsolete as of this time but a few years from now it may be one of those things we only have memories of. This is why it is a good idea to convert those VHS home movies to DVD format to preserve them for longer use. The easiest method is to find a shop that can convert VHS to DVD in Adelaide but if there are also other methods you can try.

If you have a DVD recorder with VCR at home and you have some time to kill, you can convert it on your own. All you need to do is insert the VHS and the DVD-R disc before pressing record. It will then perform its magic but it involves a lot of waiting on your part. This is a cheaper option if you have many VHS tapes to convert at once. If you have a DVD recorder and a separate VCR, this is also possible by connecting the two with analog cables.

You can get your hands on a second hand VCR/DVD combo online or from your local antique store. It is rare to see one sold new at shopping centres. Once you have device, connect it to your television. Insert the DVD and then the VHS tape before pressing the record button. Make sure the setting is to record from the VHS to the DVD disc or else you’ll erase the content of your home movies.

After pressing record, press play which is located on the VCR side. To be sure, check the manual of the device if it comes with one or you can also search for the model online. Once the recording is done, you can pop in your DVD into your laptop or desktop computer and rip another company for digital storage to make sure that you always have a copy on hand. If you are only converting one tape, it is more economical to find a store for VHS to DVD in Adelaide rather than buying a device you will only use once.

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