Gift Wrapping Tips For The Lazy You



September is now at an end and in a few more months Christmas is finally here that is why you should start saving on those gift boxes and wrappers for your loved ones and most especially, choosing a gift that would definitely make them happy. Unfortunately for some, gift wrapping may be a little bit too tiresome and if you are a part of this lazy group of men, you are bound for torture during special occasions that require the need for gift wrapping.

To help you out a little bit, here are some effective gift wrapping tips for the lazy you if you don’t.

  1. Lay down everything on a hard surface. If you are too lazy to get off the couch, you might want to reconsider placing everything on a hard surface because it can help make things much easier to do. Afterwards, you can get back to being the lazy sod that you are.
  2. Doublesided tapes can work wonders. You do not know the wonders of using double stick tapes until you finally use them. They can help make gift wrapping more efficient and faster.
  1. Use old fabrics. If you don’t have any gift wrappers, what you can do is cut a piece of old fabric to manageable size then place the gift box at the center. After that, you can start tying the fabric together.
  1. Try an old scarf. Speaking of old fabrics, why not use an old scarf? Brightly colored scarves make good and attractive gifts. That way, you wouldn’t have to add extra details on the design aspect of the gift.
  1. Old paper bags make good wrappers as well. Remember that brown paper bag you brought home with you from the grocery? Well, you can use that as a replacement wrapper too in case you’re in short budget for Paper Mart gift boxes. Just don’t forget to add a little bit of creativity and design so that it would not appear too dull.
  1. Draw your wrappings. With that brown paper bag, try drawing ribbons and tags beautifully so that you don’t have to waste energy with tying ribbons.
  2. Use a stamp roller to design plain paper. If you made use of paper with plain color, you can use a DIY stamp roller to design it.
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