Games Of Wheelbarrow, Circle The Yarn And Tug Of War


What is one thing that all fun team building activities have in common? They require the members of the team to work together towards a common goal. This is the easiest way to inculcate elements of teamwork in people and show them that doing something by themselves is not always the fastest way to achieve a goal. Psychologists say that there are some important characteristics and phenomena that one will need to look into before and while building their teamwork skills.

  • Trust: The most important factor that helps build teamwork in a person is trust. They must be able to trust that their teammates are working towards the common goal and are competent enough to get their part of the task done. In turn, they must also inspire trust in their teammates by making them feel secure. One of the most common games that helps a group of people build trust in one another is the wheelbarrow game or the trust fall. In the trust fall the team members are requested to stand apart from each other both facing the same direction. The person in the front then closes their eyes and starts to fall back with the trust that the person behind will catch them and break their fall. The wheelbarrow is another two person exercise where one person must lift another by their legs and the duo must then move together in a specified direction, maybe as a race. These are just two of many fun team building activitiesthat people can take part in to build trust.
  • Communication: Another way to ensure that a team is growing well is to observe whether the team’s communication with one another is proper. To adjudicate whether their communication skills are good they can play games where one person is blindfolded and the other person tells them what to do. For examples, if there is a maze, and a person is inside it, then his teammate, who knows how to get to the exit must be able to effectively communicate to him the direct route to the exit in as short a time as possible.

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