Four Factors To Consider Before Hiring A Marquee For Events


Hiring a marquee is a good option for organizing outdoor wedding and receptions. A marquee offers proper setting for the party and also protects you from rain and other disturbances. A well designed marquee instantly lifts the ambience of the party setting.

Here are five factors compiled by me, to help you hire marquee in Melbourne, for your parties or functions

  1. The initial step before you hire a marquee in Melbourne, is to choose a venue. Depending on the style and theme of the event, a marquee can be set-up in different ways. The setting of the venue determines, the type of marquee that suits the surroundings. Moreover, different types of marquees require different types of conditions for set-up. If you have a certain image of marquee in mind, it is advisable to pick a suitable venue after speaking to your event manager.
  2. The other important considerations, you need to make before you hiring a marquee are the lighting arrangements required, water supply available at the venue, availability of amenities such as toilets, bar and other services, access to the venue and the availability of the venue to set up the marquee. The marquee should be set up at least two to three days prior to the event, so that there is enough time to arrange furniture and decorate the marquee.
  3. The next factor to consider is the size of the marquee. The number of guests to be present at the event, will determine the required size of the marquee. Apart from the number of guest, other factors that determine the size of the marquee are, the outdoor space available at the venue, the additional features like, dance floors, toilets etc., the furniture arrangement inside the marquee and the decoration design of the marquee. It is advisable to discuss your requirements with the marquee hire company as they can suggest the right size to suit your requirements.
  4. Once you determine the venue, size and amenities required, shop around a bit and get quotations from different marquee hire companies. Check the websites of different companies to know about the prices of different types of marquees. Do not forget to check the actual look and quality of marquees before you hire marquee in Melbourne, for your wedding or reception.

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