Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Solar Panel Installation Company


Solar power offers a lot of benefits to homeowners. It is the most eco-friendly option to generate power. Solar energy helps to reduce the electricity bills, reduce the carbon footprint of a home and to earn tax credits and rebates from the government. As more and more homeowners are planning to install solar power panels, there is a spike in the number of installation companies.

Installation of solar power panels is not a do-it-yourself task. It needs workmanship and experience. Homeowners planning to go solar on the Gold Coast and other parts of the country, must be very cautions, while choosing an installation company to do the job. However, the presence of a number of installation companies, makes the task difficult for homeowners.

Here are some points to keep in mind, before you finalize a solar panel installation company.

  1. Check the certifications of the installation technicians. The technicians should be qualified and certified to do the job, Though a certification does not guarantee good quality of work, it allows the homeowners to ensure that the technician has sound knowledge about the installation process.
  2. Choosing an installation with good reputation is very important. Ask for recommendations from family and friends and read reviews of online forums and website of the company. The company website is also a good source to get testimonials and feedback of the previous clients of the company.
  3. Enquire about the solar panels, inverter and other equipment used by the installation company. The equipment should be of respected and well-recognised brands. The installation technician should be able to explain the reasons for choosing a particular brand and its advantages and disadvantages. He should be open to discuss all the available options with the customers and give them a say in the choice of brand.
  4. The solar panel installation company must provide comprehensive warranties on the entire solar system equipment and also on the workmanship. These warranties help to safeguard the interests of the homeowner, if something goes wrong with the equipment.
  5. Homeowners planning to get solar panels installed should get quotes from multiple companies providing services of solar on the Gold Coast, based on their energy requirements. The last step is to compare the prices and choose an installation company that offers high-quality equipment with extended warranties, that is certified and insured, has good reputation and offers reliable customer service.

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