Experience A Cosmopolitan Lifestyle With The Grandeur Of Rich History In Bangkok


Are you planning to visit Bangkok? If so, have you booked your accommodations? Remember that choosing a hotel in a wrong area can affect the excitement of your vacation. Spend time comparing places before you decide on a place to stay.

If it is your first time in Thailand, start your holiday in Bangkok, the city capital which is also the centre of entertainment, nightlife and shopping malls. Bangkok offers everything to visitors and there is always evidence of Thai culture and traditions in every corner.

Bangkok is a modern, cosmopolitan city with touches of the traditional culture of the Thais. If you are a traveller who desires to experience everything from fashionable restaurants, air conditioned shopping malls, plenty of night parties and dining options, Bangkok is an ideal destination for you.

However, Bangkok also has its drawbacks. Like all busy cities in the world, traffic is intense and taxi fare is expensive. Tourist destinations are spaced out which requires some walking. If sightseeing is the purpose of your vacation, you can travel to Kho Samui or Patong after you have had your fill of the city. The islands will allow you to sunbathe, swim and participate in water activities.

While Bangkok has certainly adapted to modern lifestyle, it has not lost its ancient charm. The grandeur of its rich history can be felt in the city. In Bangkok, you will get your fill of dazzling temples, spectacular palaces and traditional activities that you will never experience elsewhere. You can also visit the world renowned floating market or Chinatown and test the various foods offered by street vendors.

While the atmosphere in Bangkok is somewhat touristy, it still offers an authentic experience. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables from vendors selling their products in boats. Try the coconut juice or sugarcane juice sold at the corner for a rare experience.

However, the first step you must undertake is to book for your accommodations at modern hotel in Sukhumvit. The hotel is accessible from the airport and all the tourist destinations around the city. From the rooftop bar, you will get a view of Bangkok’s skyline while sipping fruity cocktails.

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