Even Adults Can Wear Traditional Metal Braces


It is the lifelong dream of many adolescents to wear Reading braces to close the gaps between the teeth. Braces represent an unmistakable cool factor like a badge for most adolescents. However, there are parents who will not spend $5,000 to put wires and brackets inside the mouth of their child. The child has wait for years to be financially capable to invest in metal braces.

According to a 2014 survey made by the American Association of Orthodontists, at least 1.5 million orthodontic patients in the US and Canada are adults. While adults have different reasons for getting braces, the number one reason is self consciousness because of gaps in the teeth. Overbite is also a common problem because of thumb-sucking during childhood.

The problem however is braces are not cheap. Results of the survey done by Journal of Clinical Orthodontics reveal that braces can cost as much as $5,000 to $6,000. Treatment through Invisalign aligners costs roughly the same as metal braces. Prices are affected by where you live and the type of treatment that the teeth needs. You are lucky if the orthodontist offers a 10% discount for full payment of the treatment.

However, it is important to wear retainers to keep the teeth straight and beautiful; otherwise the teeth will revert to its original state.  Teeth will shift once the braces are removed, hence the need for retainers. Retainers will prevent the natural tendency of the teeth to settle. It will be a waste of money invested if you do not wear retainers.

Clear brackets are less obvious than metal but it is also susceptible to stains if you are fond of smoking, drinking coffee and red wine. If you have decided on clear brackets make sure to brush and rinse the teeth as often as possible particularly after drinking coffee or red wine.

The smile is a person’s best asset. Teeth imperfections can be easily treated through Reading braces that will be temporarily affixed to the teeth to straighten the smile. Don’t worry about the cost; it is very affordable at $3,995. There are also payment plans to meet the financial needs of the patient.


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