Engagement Rings As A Symbolic Representation Of Love And Commitment


Since the ancient times, people believed that engagement rings were a symbol of love and commitment. It was customary for a man to provide a woman with an engagement ring as a symbolic representation that the woman is already spoken for. Today, jewellers have an impressive collection of designer engagement rings to fulfil the dream ring with superb quality and workmanship.

All over the world irrespective of era or geographical location, engagement rings have always been worn by a bride as a sweet interpretation of a commitment pledge. According to Susan Waggoner, a wedding historian, Roman laws viewed the engagement ring as a kind of security or down payment for a bride-to-be. During the 1930’s, a woman can sue for damages in the United States if the fiancé broke an engagement because the reputation and marital prospects will be damaged.

Engagements were traditionally made from gold and diamonds but there came a time when the supply of diamonds was greater than demand. De Beers, a British company that was involved into diamond mining promoted diamonds as synonymous to romance. The extent of man’s love is directly proportionate to the size and quality of the diamond that he gave to his future bride.

As part of its marketing promotions, De Beers sent lecturers to schools to educate students about diamond rings. Young women have to be convinced that diamond engagement rings must conclude a courtship. The infamous slogan “Diamonds are forever” meant that engagement rings must be not be resold but to be kept as a family heirloom.

However, many have foregone the traditional diamond ring for engagement purposes. There are designer engagement rings in different gemstones, settings and patterns that are closer to a woman’s passion. There is a wide selection of engagement rings that men can use to say “Will you marry me?”

In order to suit every budget and taste, there are designer engagement rings that can be customized according to the choice of setting. For example, white gold can complement different gemstones. A beautiful setting can be created with platinum and gemstones in various colours and patterns to ensure that you will get exactly what you are looking for.

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