E-Commerce Reviews: They Matter


With more and more people embracing online shopping as a result of being stuck at home due to COVID-19 restrictions, e-commerce has become more important than ever. Good news for people who are invested in things like a king kong agency review and the like, as their industry, in spite of the hard times, is seeing some stability.

This also means that things like online reviews are all the more important for organizations and businesses, since they carry so much weight right now. Data shows that a majority of people read online reviews, and only slightly less trust them as much as a personal recommendation. Numbers vary based on study, but it’s around the ~80% mark.

On the flipside, negative reviews carry as much weight. While, normally, everyone wants a glowing king kong agency review or the like, a negative review actually can be good, as a lot of people spend way more time on sites when interacting with them, which, in turn, increases conversion.

Simply put, online reviews do a lot of things for your e-commerce endeavours.

  • Drive sales: people are more likely to buy something with positive reviews from others.
  • Build trust: since online shopping doesn’t allow for handling a product, reviews from customers is the next best thing for gauging quality.
  • Helps with SEO: customer reviews tend to use a lot of keywords, which means that they’re free content that makes a site more appealing to search engines, on top of the good press that good reviews offer.
  • Allows for better problem solving: not all reviews are good, and that’s fine; bad reviews allow you to identify and rectify problem areas in your organization or business.


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