Drywall Versus Plaster


One of the most important parts of the house construction that is frequently taken for granted is the interior walls. This is the task done by expert plasterers in Sydney who wanted to make sure homeowners get the best walls they want. The two most common type of materials used in interior walls are drywall and plaster.

Plaster material was discovered during the ancient times and it is used ever since. The earliest plaster was done by mixing animal hair, lime, water and sand. Plaster is used in Egyptian tombs to display paintings and even homes in ancient Rome are filled with fresco art pieces. After the discovery of the lime-based plasters, a better one was introduced known as the gypsum-based plasters. It sets faster compared to other plaster materials which made it more popular than the former.

Thanks to technology, drywall was invented which is a more durable option and easily sourced. Around 1950s, drywall is more popular than plaster when it comes to interior wall surfaces. This is often seen in modern homes.

Plasters are applied in layers therefore a wall covered in plaster is generally thicker compared to a wall with drywall covering. The thickness of the wall leads to less air passing through but it also means that plaster walls are much better when it comes to soundproofing. Once the framing and the lathing are done properly, plaster walls are known to be more durable compared to drywall which means it will not easily break or buckle. This is often applied in surfaces that are not level because plaster is not originally solid upon application.

On the other hand, drywall has its advantages as well. For once, the installation process is faster and not as labourintensive which means it is more affordable. Drywall is fire-resistant and helps in reducing noise pollution inside the room because water is present inside the boards.

Despite the benefits, many plasterers in Sydney are still hired by homeowners because of the disadvantages of drywall. It is easily damaged by simple homeowner accidents or if a nail or screw comes out loose. It is also more prone to water damage compared to plaster.

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