How To Dock Your Boat Properly


If you have owned a boat for a long time then you must know that there is a big difference when it comes to anchoring for an hour or two and anchoring because you will be staying for the night. If you want to refresh your mind or want to learn more, here are a few basic tips you should keep in mind:

  • The best technique for you to begin anchoring is to ease the throttle to make sure that the boat is in a stand still exactly at the point where you plan to let go of the anchor. Once you have dropped it, just sneak you power back and slowly move out of the line.
  • One important thing you should learn is to estimate the scope you should use since this will have an impact on the location of the boat once the hook is already placed. It takes a lot of experience as well as knowledge of the local bottom in order to know more about the technique. The recommended scope to the depth of the water ratio is 8:1. If you have advanced gadgets on your boat then these may help you set the anchor of the boat.
  • At a very slow speed, almost as if the engine is turning off, direct the boat to where the direction of the wind or current is. Move it into a spot beyond where you desire the boat to be positioned. The distance should be the same as your estimated scope. From there, you need to stop. If the conditions are not very ideal, it is better to drift back even without letting go of the anchor. This will make you see the final position of the boat once you have stuck the hook.
  • Set the hook to make sure that it is holding properly.
  • Make sure that you position your boat properly if you are first on the anchorage to be considerate of incoming boats.

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