Dealing With Online Reviews


In the age of the internet, online reviews like King Kong marketing reviews hold more sway than ever. As a result, companies are working hard to ensure that their customers’ reviews are properly handled. This is because improperly handling online reviews can outright kill a company, while balancing out a negative online reputation, improve SEO, and bring in people.

Here’s some advice for dealing with online reviews.

Respond fast

Your brand has to be fast when it comes to responding to online reviews. People expect a certain level of immediacy from online interactions, and failing to be handle these properly can bog down the brand’s reputation.

That being said, not all reviews are authentic. Fake reviews are an issue in the industry, and you need to be vigilant. Check all reviews, and ensure their veracity. Here’s a few things that’ll flag a review as fake:

  • No record of any transactions or services
  • Complaint mentions a competitor or outright admits a relationship between the person reviewing and the competitor
  • Review is lacking informative details; concise does not mean uninformative

Diversify branded search results

Customers look for brands when looking for stuff, but the intent of a search is more important at the end of their searching, because, at that point, they already have possible solutions, and are conducting research and study so they can make their final decision. At this point, reviews like King Kong marketing reviews are at their most valuable. They help pad and reinforce your brand’s search results, which is great, because your company can’t actually control what appeal in branded search results.

Take the initiative

Getting new customers isn’t easy, but it’s a must for keeping your business and brand floating. Online reviews are great for this, as they’re effectively using the customers to generate leads and attract new customers. If you want to make the most of them, you need to source reviews from customers and employees. While you can’t pay for reviews on sites like Yelp, you can take steps to ensure that the review process is engaging and intuitive, making customers want to review without you having to probe them. Much. Use big, flashy, attention-grabbing links to review sites to make the review site links, and other steps. Remember, the idea is to encourage.


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