Dangers Of E-Waste And Tips To Handle E-Waste In A Responsible Manner


In today’s fast paced world, technology keeps changing every day. Frequent changes in technology result in new products being introduced on a daily basis. Most of us prefer to upgrade to new products and devices, thereby creating a lot of E-Waste or electronic waste.

People find it hard to believe that E-Waste is hazardous to the planet. But the truth is that these gadgets are made of many metals and chemicals, which are harmful to the environment. E waste has to be disposed carefully through certified junk hauling Orange County agency, which specializes in removal and recycling of e-Waste.

People have to be educated about the dangers of Casual Disposal of E-Waste, in order to motivate them to handle it in a responsible manner.

Dangers of Improper Handling of E-Waste

  1. Contaminates the Water and Soil

Electronic gadgets are manufactured using a variety of metals and chemical compounds. Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Nickel, copper and Arsenic are some of the components of electronic products. These metals are safe, when they are inside the gadget. But once you throw the gadgets in a landfill, these components leach into the soil. They reach the underground water through the soil and slowly contaminate the surrounding water bodies. The dangerous fumes let out by these chemicals also pollute the air. The contamination of soil, water and air leads to life threatening diseases like cancer.

  1. Danger of Data Theft

Most of our personal information is stored in our mobile phones and laptops. Irresponsible disposal of these gadgets may lead to data theft. Most of the electronic waste is sent to third world countries for recycling. If the data in your smartphones or laptops gets into the wrong hands, you may face dangerous consequences of data theft.

Handling E-Waste Responsibly

In order to protect the environment and ourselves from the dangers of casual disposal of E-Waste, we have to learn the ways and means to do it responsibly. Some ways to deal with Electronic waste are

  • Reduce E-waste by selling off or donating old gadgets to NGOs or other people.
  • Recycle E-waste by availing the buyback schemes announced by electronic companies.
  • Consult a reputed junk hauling Orange County company that specializes in recycling of E-waste

These are some ways to handle e-waste in a careful manner. Most government institutions and Junk hauling Orange County agencies announce drop-off points or collection points to enable citizens to dispose E-waste in an Eco-friendly manner.

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