Common Mistakes By First Time Travellers To Phuket


Phuket is an easy going island destination, with plenty of see, eat and do. It’s safe there, so you don’t have to worry about the risks of chartering private boat in Phuket too much, as long as you practice good sense and basic self-preservation skills.

Of course, there are some mistakes that people just make so often when they first travel to the island, mistakes that are not only inconvenient, but also, sometimes, dangerous.

We’ve listed a couple down so you know what to avoid.

Eating only Pad Thai.

Not that we’re giving Pad Thai grief, it’s great. But so is a lot of other Thai dishes. What’s the point of going to someplace different if you’re not going to try different things, food included? Phuket is famous for great seafood, so don’t be afraid to take your taste buds on an adventure.

Ignoring the red flags on the beach.

A red flag is used to denote a problem that is either troublesome to deal with or must be avoided in its entirety. It’s such an ubiquitous sign of trouble that it’s an idiom. So when you see one at the beach, it means NO SWIMMING; no matter how good you think you are, the ocean will beat you. Red and yellow flags designate areas where people can swim, provided a lifeguard is watching over them.

Underestimating the sun.

The breeze from the sea is cool, so people on the beaches and on their private boat in Phuket tend to underestimate the heat of the sun. But the sun is one mean lady, and will be more than happy to give you a serious sunburn if you don’t put on good sunscreen. Given that Phuket is a beach destination, sunscreen is easy to get, even convenience stores have them.

Searching for a hotel at the last minute during high season.

There’s a lot of hotels in Phuket, so that means it’ll be easy to get booked in the high season, around December and January, right? Nope. If you’re travelling to the island during the low season, between June and November, you can book last minute, it won’t even be too costly. But in high season, hotels are booked, to the point that some properties are sold out 3 month prior. The closer high season is, the harder it is to book.


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