Choosing The Right Fabric For Your Seat Cover


So, you’ve decided that you want to protect your car seats, while giving it that personal touch? You’ll need some custom seat covers for that. One of the most important things to consider is the fabric of the cover itself, which not only helps with aesthetics, but also with function and durability. You need to carefully consider your options here.

The key question: why do I drive?

Comfort. Style. Protection. These are the key attributes of seat covers, and figuring out which one you want will determine which cover you actually want to get. It’s the most important question, so consider carefully.

Comfort: softer fabrics (Neoprene and its derivatives)

For those that want comfort, while still being active, then NeoPrene and its derivatives are your best options. Covers like EuroSport Spacer Mesh, which are soft, comfortable, and flexible, without sacrificing durability and stain resistance are your best friend. This is the same stuff that they make wetsuits out of, so you can be secure it’ll hold.

NeoSupreme, in particular, is great for UV-heavy environments. If you like being comfy while driving towards the beach, then you’d want this.

Durability: protection (Canvas, and its derivatives)

If you want to keep your original upholstery safe, then the more durable fabrics; the one that hold up better to rips, scuffs, stains, and fading, are your best bet. Canvas, as well as canvas-like specialist fabrics like DuraPlus, are great for keeping your custom seat covers intact if you’re always on the go, or use your vehicle to regularly move gear and other things.

Style: lifestyle choice (Leather, Velour, Carbon Fiber, etc.)

If you’re opting for a more aesthetic choice, then stuff like leather or carbon fiber are your best option. It depends on whether you want something more sporty or luxurious. Carbon Fiber for the former, leather for the latter. There’s also velour, suede, and even denim, perfect for those who want their interiors to stand out.

Specialty: show off yourself (Camo, flag prints)

Specialty prints like camo, or flag designs do a good job of offering protection while showcasing your tastes, more so than the usual options. Camo designs are particularly popular for outdoorsmen.

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