Brace Care Tips


Getting some High-quality braces for your mouth seems like a daunting task. It’s a big choice to make, true, but it’s nowhere near as scary as a lot of people see it. While additional care is needed for them, the changes that people have to deal with when getting braces aren’t too bad.

If you’re looking to keep those braces and the teeth they’re attach to shiny, then here’s a few tips.

Use the right tools

Brushing and flossing. You know they’re the most important part of dental care, but for people with High-quality braces and the like, they’re particularly important. Food and plaque tend to get stuck between teeth, which can then lead to more cavities.

  • Soft-bristled toothbrush: Are great for brushing teeth without disrupting the braces, as long as it’s done at a 45 degree angle.
  • Inter-ortho brush: A cone-shaped, inter-ortho brush is great for reaching in between braces without risking the braces themselves.
  • Floss: Floss threaders are useful for getting floss behind brace.

Use a fork and knife

Biting right into food means that it gets stuck up and behind your braces, which can lead to food getting stuck between your teeth. That’s why forks and knives are great, even if you’re eating finger foods like pizza and hamburger. Sure, it’s a little weird to be doing that, but you need it for your braces. You’ll also want to cut down fruits and veggies into bite-sized pieces for ease, and don’t eat corn right off the cob.

Keep it soft

Naturally, if you want to keep those braces soft. You’ll want to avoid eating too much hard food. You can still eat it, of course, but you need to be careful. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, then that means turning to things like chocolate, and ice cream, plain with no toppings. Chocolate, in particular, are a great option, as they melt in your mouth.

Listen to the expert

Elastics, headgear. They’re not exactly the most fashionable or most fun accessories. But the discomfort you’re dealing with is only temporary. If the orthodontist gives you advice on a relevant to the company or practitioners, follow it.


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